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Join the DigglerInc.Com Street Team and earn free stuff. DigglerInc.Com seeks Field Marketing Representatives to help spread The Movement across America and the world too!!! Specific duties include (but are definitely not limited to!) promoting artists in retail outlets, lifestyle stores, venues, and on the streets. You can also help promote specific shows for artists. We are also available to support other ideas you have to get the word out about DigglerInc.Com.

By joining the DigglerInc.Com Street Team, you have a direct opportunity to ensure that your favorite artist and products are seen by as many people as possible. Also as a DigglerInc.Com Street Team member you'll have direct access to special promotional material and can enter exclusive contests for limited edition prizes as well.

We are currently looking for new Field Marketing Reps in all markets. If you think the DigglerInc.Com Street Team is all about handing stuff out on the street or at events, then you are wrong; it is that and a lot more!!!

The DigglerInc.Com Street Team is all about teamwork, being creative, visiting local record stores, putting up displays, talking to people, sending emails, handing out DigglerInc.Com stuff at events, meeting with artist, authors, directors, clothing designers, helping to promote artist and products, and most importantly sending in reports with pictures of your progress. This is the only way we'll be able to give you credit for your work. Having a car and a digital camera is a plus, not a must.

Please do not apply if you are under the age of 16.

If you can't do this stuff, please don't apply. After you start helping us out, we'll start hooking you up with cool stuff like free Cds, Dvds, Clothes and access to parties and concerts.

DigglerInc.Com is always running display contests between our reps, and giving away cool prizes. Your Display Photos, and Inventory Reports will automatically enter you into exclusive DigglerInc.Com Street Team member contests. The most valuable part about the job is an introduction into the industry.

This is an unpaid position. However we are a respected Corporation so DigglerInc.Com Street Team members can use us, as a reference on any applicant that they may feel would be helpful in their success in life.

You Help Us, We'll Help You!!!

Just fill out the Contact Us form and let us know you want more information about becoming a DigglerInc.Com Street Team Member.






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