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Mission Statement
We further our purpose by assisting with improving the quality of lives for families and individuals by providing resources and information via case management, counseling, mentoring and community outreach.

Larry’s Place of Hope was started by Ollie Thomas in honor of her son, Larry Johnson who was killed in June, 2010. Larry who was also known by family and friends as “Larro” and “Pacman” was an intelligent, outspoken, outgoing, giving, caring, fun loving, individual full of surprises. He rapped about real life experiences and when it can to his craft he was hardcore. In response to the versus which often implicated issues and concerns that people struggled with in the community led Ms. Thomas to respond to the needs of the community.

About Us
Ollie Thomas, Juanita Brown, Carolyn Ross, Rochester Bailey, Ahkyia Thomas and Angela Thomas are the officers and directors administering services of this program. It is through volunteer services and donations that cover the nominal expenses associated with it. Through the successful execution of our services, we will further our purpose of assisting families and individuals for the purpose of improving or developing their capabilities and educating the public on concerns useful to the individual and beneficial to the community. Larry’s Place of Hope is not targeted to serve a specific population. We will provide services to anyone in need. Our program is open to the public and will we advertise our program in person, community functions, social media.

Vision: Is to provide the available resources/information necessary for individuals & families to live and thrive in and out of their community.

Contact Information

Larry’s Place of Hope
P.O. Box 955
Lansing, IL. 60438-0955



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